The two main reasons why she’s started this label is:

1. Trough African fashion she hopes that the youth from the African diaspora will find their link back to Africa (to the source)
She meet a lot of youth who don’t like to wear African attire or think it’s old fashion (only meant for our mothers or grandmothers), and this suprises her because “it’s OURS”! By designing modern designs and using traditional fabrics she wants to arouse them to start wearing their inheritance and to let them discover more of the African culture and history.

2. For others to discover the riches, culture and  beauty of Africa
Her goal is to make the wide African inspired fashion industry known worldwide. Why can everyone wear Western clothes and there’s still something in wearing African attire. She also wants to adapt the current view in runway shows.

She says: “I just want to bring Africa to the world and let everyone catch a glimpse of it. By doing what i love most i also aspire to inspire other young women in the world”.
For everyone who’s afraid to chase after their dreams: “Start small, step by step, building  your dream. Slowly but surely you’ll realize that you’re living out your dream” – Mariana N Zinga.

Don’t sit and wait for the opportunities to come, get up and make them – Madam C. J. Walker
Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can – Arthur Ashe
If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs – Tony Gaskins