Designs by Mariana values the importance of giving to those in need. She never lived in poverty, but she comes from a country where there is still a lot of poverty and she has seen it in other parts of the world. Besides bringing awareness to social isues, she also wants to put her words into actions.
By purchasing a product you are automatically helping a project.

Once or twice a year we will choose a project/charity which we will support.
Below you can find the project or charity.

Hungry Kids 2


2017 – Coming soon

2016 – Rise International

2015 – World Vision

Mariana says: "I don't believe we were made to live our lives for ourselves, but to reach out to your neighbour when you see he's in trouble or in need. And ofcourse, we can't safe the whole world but if everyone  takes a small step to help one another we can truly make the world a better place... Pay it forward".