Designs By Mariana Affiliate Program
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About the Designs By Mariana Affiliate Program
Designs By Mariana is a one-stop online shop for today’s most authentic, contemporary and edgy African inspired fashion apparels and accessories. We offer a complete range of handmade fashion with Worldwide Shipping.

Our Designs By Mariana Affiliate Program invites you to share the hottest fashion trends around the world with the potential to earn some coins  while doing so. This is ideal for those who wish to earn an monthly commission while working at home. Unlike many other programs, there is no minimum sales requirement.

Affiliate Program details
1. Choose one of our products that is within the affiliate program, you get it for FREE, you only pay the shipping costs. Every second item you order, you get 50% off.
2. You receive a discount code for you to share offering 10% off, You can share your coupon anythere (please let us know what code name you want).
3. The product that you received for Free has to be mentioned at least 6 times in one of your posts/reviews/you tube in a period of 2 months (notify us when we can not be tagged), after that it’s not a obligation anymore.
4. For Orders placed with your coupon code, You receive a 10% commission, each time the coupon is used (for example, if a earring costs €8,- , you will receive €0,80. In the following month you will receive a list and we pay you in money.
5. If you will not mention the product that you received for free at least 6 times in a period of 2 months, we will take you off from our affiliate program.
6. If you wish to be part of our program, please send us an email, so that we can send you a form.

If you wist to be part of our program or if you have any further questions, you can contact us through: