“Created in 1986”

Photo credit to: Laura Wanst Photography

Mariana was born in October 1986 and  is of Angolan descent. At  the age of 4 she left her birth town Luanda with her parents and sister and they came to live in the Netherlands. Shortly after arriving in the Netherlands Mariana was involved in a serious accident with fire whereby she lost 2 fingers. However this didn’t stop her to hold on  life with both hands. Mariana comes out of a home with 5 kids and even a larger family. She spends a lot of time with her family and  they are very supportive for her. Mariana’s father was a tailor in Africa, and that is likely where she got her passion from. As a young child she was already busy with fashion. For example, when her mother made her wear  clothes that she didn’t like, she quickly changed before going to school.

After High school she went to college in Amsterdam and studied Fashion, she graduated in 2006. Because the Fashion industry was quite uncertain, she continued in another direction. Social Cultural Work it was. After finishing that study, she’s now  finishing her Bachelor Social Work at the Hoge School van Amsterdam (HvA). Mariana worked a lot with youth and also in girls groups. In these girls groups she dealt with themes as empowerment and there they discussed issues  as self-image, trust, worth and of course fashion. Mariana loves both fashion and people, her dream therefore in the future is to do something that involves both.

Her love for African prints developed on a later age. She became more aware of who she was, where she came from and embraced her roots in every aspect. Through African fashion she hopes that the youth from the African diaspora will find their link back to Africa and for others to discover the riches, culture and  beauty of Africa. Her goal is to make the wide African inspired fashion industry known worldwide.

In her free time she loves to sew (obviously), travel to different countries, cooking, hang out with family/friends, read literature/romans, watch movies and do new things. Besides all this there’s something else very important in her life and that’s her faith.
Mariana is a Christian and that’s the most valuable thing in her life. She finds strength in her faith and guidance for every step of the way.
Been through many things in life, and without God i wouldn’t be standing here today!

She says: “Life is not only bliss, but in times of hardship God is there to take care of His children.
I’m thankful and grateful for each day  because life was not granted to us…I live by grace”!

For the Dutch people: Afgelopen zondag 22 maart 2015 is er een interview met mij online gezet door “Daffie Be Proud“, lees het hier!

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